Redesigning the Donation Page

ChinaSource is a faith-based platform educating and connecting the global church with the church in China. Over many years, I have served them in the areas of digital marketing and online instructional solutions. One example of such work is the redesign of their donation page on their website. The original page was getting too long for prospective donors to scroll through. I evaluated their needs and propose a redesign for the donation page to improve user-friendliness and adhere to industry best practices.

Client: ChinaSource
Date: 2017-2020
Services: Digital Marketing, User Interface

Proposed Design

A compelling “why” and headline. While it is apparent to visitors that they have navigated to the donation page of the site, the headline and introductory paragraph should grab attention by reminding donors why it is important for them to give.

Clean graphics. Large and clear buttons for suggested donation amounts and clear hierarchy of content help visitors fill the form efficiently even on a mobile device, minimises bounce rate, and encourages giving.

Clear and simple steps. Dividing the form into three clear steps or tabs minimises scrolling and clicks for the donors. Keeping each step short and showing clear progress of the filling process keeps donors engaged.

This design is a mockup and is yet to be implemented.

Proposed Design